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Support AYPO when you shop!
Purchase Grocery Cards (Download Form)

What are grocery cards?
Cash cards or certificates that are issued by local grocery stores and used like cash to purchase groceries. $100 card buys $100 worth of groceries.

How does this help AYPO?
AYPO purchases grocery cards at a 5% discount, earning 5% off of the sale of each card.

For which stores can I buy grocery cards?
Cards are available for Giant and Shoppers Food Warehouse. If you shop at Safeway, please see below for information about their E-scrip program.

How do I purchase grocery cards?
Grocery cards may be purchased by printing the order form and mailing it to the AYPO office (4026 Hummer Road, Annandale, VA 22003) along with check made payable to AYPO. Grocery cards will also be available at concerts throughout the season.

What if my store purchase is greater than the amount of grocery cards that I hold?
You may supplement grocery cards with cash, check, debit, or credit cards to pay for your purchase at the store.

What if I lose my grocery card?
Unfortunately, they are just like cash and cannot be replaced. So once you purchase the card(s), treat them as you would cash.

For more information, contact the General Manager:
703-642-8052 or manager@aypo.org

eScrip - Support Us Using Your Safeway Club Card!

What is eScrip?
Escrip is a fast and convenient way to raise funds for educational groups (like AYPO)!

How does it work?
Make purchases at participating eScrip merchants, such as Safeway, and a percentage of your purchases is donated back to AYPO. All you need to do is register your Safeway Club Card. Then, each time you shop at Safeway, remember to swipe your Safeway Club Card and three percent of your purchases will automatically be given back to us.

Great! How do I register?
1. Go to www.escrip.com and click on "Sign Up - It's Free!"
2. When prompted to search for your group, type "American Youth Philharmonic Orchestras"
3. Select our organization
4. Fill out the short online form (your Safeway Club Card number is on the back of the card under the bar code)
That's it!! Sign up today!

Already a member? Don't forget to renew your card! Participating families must renew their commitment to Safeway Stores for AYPO to continue to receive Safeway contributions. To renew, simply visit www.escrip.com and click on "Yes! Renew" or call 1-800-801-4973. You will be asked for your Club Card number, or registered phone number. Hurry! Renewals must be completed by November 1st.