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School Music Program Participation Policy
(For AYPO musicians: policy also found in the Musician Handbook)

All American Youth Philharmonic Orchestras' members are expected to take an active part in their school ensemble programs.

However, participation or seating in these programs or other musical organizations cannot be considered when determining placement within AYPO ensembles.
Participation in their school ensembles is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. It teaches responsibility to their peers,
  2. It gives opportunity to play more frequently which can help build stamina, as they develop their musicianship
  3. It reinforces excellent concert etiquette and stage presence
  4. It enables opportunities to develop leadership skills
  5. It enhances their musical education
  6. Opportunities are available to audition for regional and state orchestras and participate in solo and ensemble competitions

Many of these aspects of participation in the school ensemble are not available through the AYPO program. Musicians with extraordinary circumstances which prevent participation in their school music program will be expected to provide a written explanation. Misrepresentation of a musician's participation status in his/her school ensemble is cause for dismissal.